You are a VIP!

Today, I wish to remind you that you don’t need to compare yourself to the lives of others, you have your own separate beautiful journey in life.

Let me remind you that YOU are most IMPORTANT person & bigwig for whole lot of your world, start living your life like one from today.

Most importantly, never forget that you are irreplaceable for your world. No one will ever come close to being like YOU. I know there are events, situations & some egotistic people will try to make you feel like you don’t matter, PROVE THEM WRONG! Yes, you need to prove them wrong. 💪

Remember, there is no one else in the world that comes even close to being like you. Hold your chin high, puff your chest out & always strive to live life at your best.

There is a group of people that love you the way you are, LOVE THEM! You are SO VERY IMPORTANT in their eyes. They think about you, they care about you & they always believe in you. Because only you have the capability of making them feel important, cherished & welcomed in your presence. Only you have the power to express love back to them. LOVE THEM TO YOUR BEST!

YOU are the only one capable of doing certain things in this world, DO THEM! You have your own individual God Gifts, Strengths, Capabilities & Talents. You may not be aware but lot of people enjoy & appreciate your viewpoints, uniqueness, perspectives, thoughts & good deeds. Keep maturing these.

Moreover, the version you are of yourself today is not who you will be in 10 years from now, no matter what. You are bound to learn & grow consistently from here. YOU ARE MEANT TO BE EXTRAORDINARY & GREAT!

If you believe me, then you will reach your fullest potential & surely find ways of building yourself into your Greatest & Grandest version very soon. Let you begin to live like you already know it’s happening for you.

My blessings & best wishes are always with you 💐

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