Getting Stuck is Not a Problem. Staying Stuck is!

Today I wish to remind you that it is okay if you are feeling stuck, trapped in something you hate & isn’t working out at all, overburdened with gloomy thoughts or for the moment if you are forced to live a life that has little resemblance to the one you have always imagined.

Believe you me, every such thing or feeling will take you finally to a greater destination. You always grow & the things you think you can’t survive, you somehow will divinely make it through. Almost everyone I know has survived 100% of everything in their life so far. 🤞🏼

Just because you thought things would happen one way, then didn’t, doesn’t mean you should get distressed & give up. No, you shouldn’t.

No need to keep dwelling on unfortunate conditions, feeling low or apathetic, feeling stuck, confused, or overwhelmed by how to move forward. Not at all.

First & foremost, stop chewing your cud, suspend judging situations & begin to trust things are working out – then only things will start falling in your line.

Remember, any movement, momentum or shift in your thoughts & deeds will help you get unstuck & move forward with your life. YOU ARE NOT LATE. It’s Never Too Late To Start Things!

I mean if a TV channel is bothering you, change the channel, what is so big about it… I mean why should you keep watching the nonsense everyday if you don’t want it & regret later.

Likewise make some appropriate & proactive changes in life to solve things in your life. Try to build new priorities, routines, habits & new lifestyle that automatically makes the existing model of your life obsolete. This is just about modifying, improvising & changing things that are not making any sense. 🙏

When you begin to create positive changes, you will see & realise that everything is working out…you’ll find that life is unfolding in your favor & in divine order.

It is mostly about Acting On Your Intentions continuously without trying to force things to happen that will bring people, places & opportunities into your reality.

Let you feel warm, calm, cheerful & let your current situation produce a positive outcome very soon. Blessings 💐

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