Why shouldn’t you do something that you know you must.

Today I want you to begin thinking thoughts of well-being & begin to increase your well-being.

Let me remind you that well-being is just not feeling well, it is feeling happy, healthy, socially connected, peaceful, successful & purposeful.

Overall well-being emerges from your thoughts, actions & experiences. Good news – most of which you have control over.

I know that I am writing something you already know. But I wish to remind you that we all mostly know what the right decision is, what the right choice is, what the good habits are, what the right action is & what the right attitudes are. However, regardless of this very well known truth, we all find ourselves frequently doing something other than what we know is best for ourselves, our health, happiness, growth & our world.

This is the reason you put so many must to dos including your wellbeing & wellness into back seat which in times become lethal to your health, happiness & success.

Let you begin to catch yourself every time you know you should do something different that you do, but don’t.

I repeat that Well-Being-Ness is to live moderately, cultivating cheerfulness, pursuing your interests, passions & working hard, becoming more resilient, eating healthy, exercising regularly, communicating & developing meaningful relationships with others, actively participating in community & constantly speaking words of well-being (Both for yourself & for everyone around you).

Please remember that growing your well-being is a lifelong pursuit, but it is totally worth it.

Stay Healthy, Happy & Successful! Good luck 🤞

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