36 habits of most Admired, Respected, Loved & Cherished People

I know whole lot of people like me who don’t like craziness, excessiveness, extreme things, unpredictability & drama. No way. We are more comfortable with those who are predictable, balanced, calm, grounded, rhythmic & harmonious in nature.

I like people who are clear-headed & self motivated. I like those who acknowledge other’s presence & their deeds. I like those who empower other people, inspire others to be more of themselves & give credit to others.

I also respect & admire more who are happy, healthy, successful, stable, experienced & are knowledgeable.

I am sure like everyone else you will also like to become more respected, admired, loved & followed.

Here are a few simple yet most useful habits which I have found common in all those I admire, appreciate & enjoy.

  1. They Enjoy & Celebrate Other’s Success
  2. They Give Credit To Others
  3. They Feel Blessed & Bless Others Frequently
  4. They Engage In Deep Conversations
  5. They Always Remember Positive & Good What Others Have Done To Them
  6. They Are Always Involved In Life Rather Than Be Alienated From It
  7. They Enjoy Doing What They Are Doing Rather Than Finding Their Activities Dreary & Dismal
  8. They Have High Sense Of Control Rather Than Feeling Helplessness
  9. They Spend More On Experience Rather Than On Goods
  10. They Try To Say NO More Often
  11. They Wake Up Early
  12. They Have A Set Routine & They Stick To It.
  13. They Update Their To Do List & Calender Regularly
  14. They Walk 10000 Steps & Exercise Regularly
  15. They Are Serious About Their Health, Growth As A Person & About Their Well-Being
  16. They Appreciate, Savour & Enjoy Each Moment
  17. They Are Fully Present, Aware Of Where They Are & What They’re Doing & Not Overly Reactive Or Unnecessarily Overwhelmed
  18. They Spend More Time Out Side Not In The Room. They Love Travelling
  19. They Pursue Meaningful & Intrinsic
  20. They Always Have an Unwavering Resolution to Succeed
  21. They Take Calculated Risk & Always Willing To Work Hard
  22. They Choose Good Attitude, Manners & Practices
  23. They Smile & Say Hello Even If They Have to Fake
  24. They Choose To Be On Time
  25. They Think, Plan & Write
  26. They Try Doing Atleast One or Two Good, Meaningful Or Big Thing Everyday
  27. They Mostly Forgive Themselves & Others
  28. They Always Learn From Mistakes
  29. They Are Hopeful, Optimistic & Have Things to Look Forward To
  30. They Understand & Follow Their Intuition
  31. They Don’t Over Think Of Flaws, Problems, And Shortcomings Of Others
  32. They Don’t Compare Themselves to Others
  33. They Make People Laugh Frequently
  34. They Are Loving, Caring, Generous
  35. They Wisely Spend Their Time, Energy & Resources
  36. They Never Procrastinate

There may be more but these few are based on my own recent experiences. If you will notice, many of the above habits are similar — most are about the right state of mind. This clearly suggests that the key to achieving anything is how you approach it mentally.

If you want to become the best version of yourself, maximize your personal growth, become happiest, healthiest & successful person, start building a list of such habits & practises. Thereafter build a strategy for self-improvement, map out your route to get to your best possible self & start taking inspired actions persistently.

My best wishes & blessings are with you💐

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