Delay Can Be Deadly!

I know for so many of you – creating yourself is not an agenda. Not atleast for now. You are so much into the routine, so much in your comfort zone that you do not know what you are missing.

Furthermore, instead of working hard to improve your life & everything that is in your control, you are mostly busy in finding what is wrong with this world. Commenting & judging others. Like everyone else. That’s so easy & common these days. 🤣

Darling, this world has existed for 4.543 billion years & is good the way it is. You are just a nanoscopic (tiny) part of it. 😝

Please allow me to remind you that people created histories even when conditions weren’t like this, I mean much less than the idyllic conditions you have now. 🙏

For God sake, please stop controlling circumstances, things & world that is out of your control. You don’t notice but you have become negative, annoying, irritating & frustrated bcoz of trying to control things that are beyond your influence. 🤔

Can I ask you this: is it too difficult to start doing what you can, is it too difficult to start developing yourself, is it too difficult to start doing what is needed, is it too difficult to begin creating a life that you only wish?

Believe you me the moment you begin & focus on self creation or development, you will not only help yourself, but influence everyone around. 🤞🏼

Remember you can’t live meaningless anymore & have to make drastic changes fast. It’s the time to engage in self-development. It’s the time to begin creating a life you only wish for. It’s the time when you start creating your awesome self.

If you agree to this & have decided to be your best version then you deserve a pat on your shoulder.

What you have to do:

You just have to change what you pay attention to & become sincere & serious about your precious time, energy & resources. Start doing everything with love & joy.

Your happiness, weight control, sugar control, financial success, growth, relationships, career building, health & overall well being are all tied to discipline – self discipline.

I dont have anything new for how to be successful in all this & life. You already know every hack, tip & thing to do. Yet my advice is – if you want look at some of the habits of successful people around you, learn new tactics & strategies to implement in your own daily life. Cultivate & nurture those abilities & over time you may find that you have become better & have become able to achieve the life you deserve & desire.

If this year was a “bad incident” in your life, then let this month or next month be your revival, renewal, re-emergence & reawakening month. Let it be your golden period.

Let you soon become unrecognizable as you look in the mirror – so much successful, cheerful, happy & healthy.

My best wishes & blessings are with you 💐💐

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