Why you are behaving like a Super Villain or Evil?

Today I would like to ask you to try finding & recognizing your distress, pities, insecurities, incorrectness, senselessness, lies, regrets & conceit. These are the elements & reasons that you are behaving wickedly. These are the roots. Let me remind you that you don’t need to be a Super Villain or Evil, neither for others nor for yourself.

Remember Evil is the opposite of life. It is like a parasite, pretending to give you what you want, but ultimately sucking the life out of you.

Yes, Your haughtiness, viciousness, hypocrites, impulsivity, wrongdoings & wickedness is destroying you & others in your world, slowly & slowly.

For God sake, please check why you find it impossible to consider the possible correctness of anything your egos do not accept. Why you want to rejects all the good advices & universal truths without wanting to think hard over these.

I mean you can avoid being controversial, always confronting, bad-tempered, quarrelsome & blockhead person by merely having the intention to find why you are behaving bad & by merely considering the possibility that you may be wrong. 🙏

It is surely not meekness or kneeling or demeaning yourself if you become humble, compassionate, agreeable, sensical & more smiling.

Remember confronting unnecessarily & being wicked is a habit, just like any other habit.

Let you simply replace it with a “NOT-BEING-WICKED” habit to become good human being.

Being good, lovable, admirable, happy, healthy & successful person is not that hard, but surely it doesn’t just happen. As much as anything else, you have to want to be such a person & make choices that correspond with your wishes to be good & greater expression of yourself.

No matter who you are or where you are in your life, you can make the choice to change your habits, routines, lifestyles & thought process to be your best self & shine more brighter.

Let your life be always filled with joy, laughter, happiness & let each new day bring you more moments to cherish.

Stay Blessed! 💐💐

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