You were meant to move ahead, to go up, achieve & to shake the world.

I am sure these difficult & challenging times that we are in will soon be over.

Let me remind you that you should never underestimate your gifts, strength, willpower, abilities & potential. I agree, At times you may feel utterly crushed but within you is a omnipresent & omnipotent power – life force, that will help you in rising & shining again.

Remember, you were never meant to simply exist or to merely survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve & to shake the world in your gentle way. 🀞🏼

To do so, let you keep reminding yourself – you are enough. You are enough for yourself & for everyone who deserves you. The world is lucky that you exist. πŸ€—

Let you allow your consciousness & awareness to expand beyond your little egos. Start seeing your life & your world from a broader perspective. πŸ˜‹

Remember, to really come out of the crumbled world, you have to control your own thoughts, emotions & egos instead of trying to control others & things that are mostly out of your influence. Don’t understand it otherwise!

Let you begin to find what you can influence & start focusing your attention on this today, tomorrow & repeat. It’s simple! πŸ™

I sincerely pray God to help you understand what is important for you, sharpen your intuitions, develop common sense & bring well-being, calmness & inner peace into your life.

Let your journey ahead in life be beautiful, joyous & prosperous. Stay Amazingly Blessed πŸ’πŸ’

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