Are you cultivating & practicing Joyfulness?

Let me remind you that your God is not only concerned about your happiness, he actually want you to be joyful, not periodically, but consistently.

However, I know for sure, the pathway to continued joy & fulfilling life is not an easy one to navigate.

It is because no one can forcefully inject the feeling of joy in you. But habitually you want others to give it to you. Believe me, there is no vaccine of Joy, not atleast in my knowledge.

Remember, the joy we feel has little to do with our situations, events or other people (good or bad). Joy comes from within – from your soul. 😂

Take an example, someone invites you to a party hoping that you will absolutely enjoy your evening. Host provides you all that is needed for a good time. But if you will notice, nothing matters except your own emotions, attitude & actions that determines how much you enjoy the event.

To be a joyful person you have to stop allowing your circumstances & other people to dictate who you are & how you feel. To be joyful you have to stop blaming others. To be joyful you have to rise above your circumstances & focus your mind & heart on the bigger picture. 🤔

Remember what sparks the joy within you is unique to you. It can not be copied from other’s life. You may find joy in finding a purpose, a calling, doing something you love or fulfilling a mission. Whatever it is that rejuvenates your spirit, do more of that! 🥂

All I am asking you is for God sake, start cultivating & practicing Joyfulness from today. The reward of living a joyful life is worth the effort that it takes. 👑

Let your deeds, thoughts & expressions be authentic, joyful & contagious. Stay Blessed!

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