Life is a game – Play it Well!

In my opinion, life is a game that you play as you want to play. You know it very well that no matter who you are or what game you are playing, it has an end just like the beginning.

This makes me to ask you about your game (life).

  • Have you begin your game to merely finish it? or
  • Have you begin your game to merely follow other players without applying your mind? or
  • Have you begin your game to utilise all the chances it brings to win it? or
  • Have you begin your game to have fun playing it?

There is no right or wrong answer.

In my opinion, this complex game doesn’t end with a win or loss, it continues even after you have finished. You can’t leave a mess behind to be cleaned by your descendants only to condem you while playing their own game.

It is a multi-player game & we have to play with others in solidarity, no matter you like it or not. You have to treat everyone as a player, not a prop & you have to be careful that you are not being used as a prop by others.

You have your game to play, not other’s! You are responsible entirely for yourself, your moves, choices & decisions. Don’t follow other’s. It is useless. You have to play your game with all the vitality, dynamism, daring, intelligence, foresight, awareness & wisdom.

You have to figure out & make your own way out, you are not supposed to led by others.

You are supposed to continuously improve yourself by exposing yourself for the higher challenges. This is the only way to become better than who you were yesterday & grow in the game.

You have to remember that life is not a game of “I win, you lose”. Life is not about someone’s lose is someone’s gain. We are all in this together. We need to colobrate, balance, adjust & align with our world & universe to bring joy in our life.

No matter what other are doing, you are supposed to play it fairly with fair means & practices. You are supposed to cultivate healthy relationships with co-players. Let others follow their own rules & practices.

Before concluding this note, I wish to repeat that you need to create your meaning of life & you need to have your own definition of winning or success in game. Let you look beautiful, be full of joy, excitement & delight during the entire tenure of game.

I want you to remember that you finally should be happy with where you finally wind up.

Stay being fulfilled, happy, safe, healthy & loved always 🙏🙏

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