Reminders that can help you in making better decisions & choices in 2021.

Today I wish to remind you that life has continuous forks in the road & you need to become really good & smart in quickly figuring out what is right & good for you.

I know for sure that you are exceptionally smart, intelligent & strong though you don’t appear to be 😝. You need to believe that you are worthy of making right choices & decisions.

Let everything you do or don’t, choice you make & path you take, move you closer to where you want to go.🤞🏼

You need to trust yourself, your inherited wisdom, listen to your inner voice, go with your gut instincts & walk with love & reverence. That’s enough!

Here are a couple of reminders that can help you in making better decisions & choices in 2021.

  • You Can’t Kid Yourself, Not Anymore. Be Clear In What You Want & What You Don’t Want.
  • Never Fail To Choose Yourself. Just choose the direction you want to go in & not what others want you to go in. Ignore all the social pressure!
  • Don’t Make Your Choices Out Of Fear – particularly the fear of what others will think. I repeat, you don’t need to prove yourself to anyone. You don’t need to spend your energy trying to earn other’s acceptance or waste your time trying to explain yourself. Choose your joy fearlessly.
  • Begin With The End In Mind, Always.
  • Evaluate & Understand Your Hidden Biases, perceptions & opinions. Be more logical.
  • Make sure to Treat Your Emotions Like You Would Treat A Dog.
  • always remember that you need to Choose A Life Of No Regret.

Decide ASAP, what do you need to stop doing, what you need to start, where do you need to adjust & what should you continue to do. Keep reminding yourself that each of your choices & decisions add up. This is simple math.

Let God bless you with every step you take & guide you with every decision you make here onwards. Let all your wishes come true & you achieve everything you deserve sooner than expected.

My best wishes & blessings are always with you ❤️

2 Comments on “Reminders that can help you in making better decisions & choices in 2021.

  1. Thank you. Bless you. Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


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