Life You Have Dreamed Of Is In Your Hands!

Isn’t it funny that first you want God to put dreams & desires in your heart, then you want Him to bring to you the people, opportunities & resources needed to fulfill those.

I mean do you think that your Angels should go to do your things? No, it is not going to happen. Never. You have to do your things with patience, perseverance, focus & discipline. Remember God helps only those who help themselves.

If you want a better life in 2021, you have to start showing up for yourself in most genuine way, start moving & start taking steps towards your goals. One step after the other constantly.

You have to remind yourself that nothing great can happen for you unless you actually start doing something about it.

If you are not able to do something towards everything on your wish list, that’s pretty okay. If you choose to do one thing, walk a few steps, most of the days, I guarantee – you will be making progress & achieve your dreams soon.

What I am saying is this – begin to show up for yourself most of the days in any way you feel good.

Do what is doable. I repeat – Walk a few steps more today than yesterday. I mean do atleast a few good things so that that at the end of the day you can feel good & celebrate that you atleast have made your desires, hopes, dreams & yourself a priority.

Believe you me, the life you have dreamed of is in your hands.

Whether you scrub floor or whether you are studying or whether you are a leader of fortune 500 organization, you have to always do your best. Remember if you Do Your Part Well, God Will Do His.

Let God make all your good efforts & deeds successful. Stay Rejuvenated, Overfilled & Blessed!

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