Craving for Appreciation is in humane nature!

Being a coach & part of some groups & associations, I meet & talk to several people every day. Among other things, I have found that appreciating others is a very rare quality. People are so envious that they find difficult to appreciate even those who are most eligible for appreciation.

On the contrary most of the people have natural talent of showing annoyance & an envious resentment to someone. Just check whether you feel happy or jealous on other’s happiness, success, achievements, possessions & advantages?

Today’s post is not about others. It is more about you. It is about you appreciating yourself. It is about your ability to reflect upon your blessings.

This is perfectly fine that you out of jealousy or egos, don’t wish to appreciate me or others. But for God sake, take a minute today to think about how valuable your thoughts, actions & feelings are, both for you & your world.

I mean spare some time & acknowledge all the fortunate parts of your circumstances, life & world – your health, the family & friends, the home, food you eat, the freedoms you enjoy, the opportunities you have, the opportunities that you provide to others, your good thoughts, intentions, all the good that you do, all the prayers & love—I sincerely recommend taking some time to appreciate something that often goes unrecognised.

Take some time today (& everyday) to appreciate yourself. Give yourself a pat on your back. Shower yourself with love & affection. You need & deserve more of this.

I mean why shouldn’t you celebrate the person (you) who has weathered such a crisis, recession, negative events & lockdown in 2020.

There are whole lot of ways to do this whole appreciation thing & there are thousand wonderful things to be grateful for in life.

It is not about appreciating the miracle of life only, although it’s obviously the most incredible thing happened to you & me. I’m talking about actually appreciating all the good things you’ve done & doing for yourself & the world. You know it.

Yes I know, more can be done. But please count your blessings & celebrate who you are right now.

Why I am writing all this, because I know that if you don’t know how to respect, appreciate, love & value yourself, your time, your resources, you can’t possibly love & appreciate someone else. You can’t even make respectable choices & can’t use your time in a useful way. It is for this good reason I have tried to put all this together.

I know my world is full of people who don’t realise how beautiful they are. Let me take this opportunity to tell you (& everyone) that you are beautiful in so many ways, you are great, wonderful & that so many people, including me admire, respect & love you. You are really a valuable person who does so many good things for so many in your world. You mean a lot to some people.

Let you appreciate someone today to elicit the idea that his or her existence matters to this world. Make someone feel valued & cherished so that he or she can feel that their presence does make a difference in this world.

Use your thoughts, words, deeds to make people feel something profoundly beautiful about themselves & the world around them. Use your words, thoughts & deeds to spread love, kindness & hopefulness because that’s how you heal & reshape your world.

I appreciate you simply for all that you do & for who you are today.

Stay Blessed ❤️

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