You attract how you react & whatever you give your attention, time & energy to.

What if instead of asking “How are you” we begin to ask “How are you receiving” ?

I mean you can begin to ask what are you doing to attract bigger & better things into your life, abundance, prosperity, fulfilling relationships, solutions to your challenges, balance, health, peace of mind or work that expresses your gifts?

Infact if you don’t want to ask this from others, please begin to ask yourself what you are doing to attract & achieve what you desperately want or deserve in life, each time when you are alone with yourself.

If you will check or analyse sincerely, you will find that it is you alone who is holding & blocking your pathway & responsible for what you are attracting in your life.

Sometimes you fail to achieve & attract what you deserve because you are not very much clear of what you want. Mainly because your hands & mind is full of useless stuff & thoughts, old & limiting beliefs which don’t reflect who you are & who we want to become. Not at all.

Request you to use this reminder to clear your mind & become clear about what you really want to attract more in your life.

When you think about how people attract abundance, prosperity & achieve success, I am sure you are not thinking of someone who is sleeping whole day, complaining about everything & harvesting only negative thoughts? Because no one can have a positive life with a negative mind & without doing anything.

I mean if you don’t put a sugarcane in grinder how can you receive juice of it?

I repeat – you attract whatever you give your attention, time & energy to, knowingly or unknowingly. That’s the law of attraction in one line. Google it or read some of my last couple of posts.

Remember, Karma is not a myth, it is a real thing. It means what you are putting out into the world & Universe is coming back to you tenfold, no matter if it is good or bad. You have to also believe that you attract how you react.

You can’t live in despair, can’t remain unhappy & ungrateful for what you have. You need to stop operating from a position of lack. You need to count your present blessings, acknowledge all the people, life, resource & everything that you have & start creating the fertile conditions to make more informed decisions & choices, spot greater opportunities & keep doing what you can to attract more abundance & prosperity into your life. It is simple.

You need to use this opportunity to – change your mindset, change your vibrations, change how you treat others, change how you treat yourself, change how you feel, change the way you react, change your words, change your thought process, habits, routines & lifestyle to become more internally aligned with what you want to create in your life & your world.

Do not let others & Universe to feel that you are a evil-spirited person or a blockhead. Which you are not. Why unnecessarily give that impression. Why to say & do something that make you less of who you are. Check are you opening doors for yourself or shutting them with what you say, think, do & react everyday?

I pray God to fulfill all your desires & let you receive what you are sincerely working & praying for. Believe it. It is the law of Universe!

My best wishes & blessings are always with you.

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