Moving Into Your Real Magnificence!

It is not God & this Universe who is pushing you towards meagerness, non-existence, unimportance or failures. No, not at all. Please stop blaming 🙏

Truth is – It is you who are standing in the way of your own success, greatness & happiness. If there is some darkness around you, it is just because you are blocking your own light.

Let me remind you that everything known or unknown wants you to move towards success, happiness, greatness & magnificence, no matter where you are or what your situation is.

Let me also remind you that you are as God created you to be – Beautiful, Perfect, Whole & Complete👌 You have just forgotten for awhile who you really are or perhaps you have borrowed some limiting beliefs, fears, copied some bad practices, lifestyles & bad habits that have veiled your reality, but the good news is – this has not changed the truth about you & your true essence. Not at all. 👑

Don’t you worry, this post is not at all about becoming somebody else who you are not. Infact, it is about shifting the perceptions of who you believe you are or who you have become due to surroundings, situations & circumstances. It is about motivating & encouraging you to begin removing the layers of trash or dust that is blocking your true vision, potential, your inborn talents & your divine light.

I repeat, by removing layers one by one, you actually make the veil thinner that is masking your real strengths, powers, brilliance & radiance. For God sake, please show some willingness & intent from today itself.

All I am asking you to begin recognising, accepting & aligning your thoughts, actions, reactions to your true essence (core) & begin embracing your highest potential & greatness.

That’s it. I am asking you to begin a journey from today to self-discovery, uncovering & helping yourself to clear the blocks that are holding you back – if you really want to transform your failures into your successes, pains into pleasures, tap into your real life purposes, release your fears, learn how to manifest your real potential & actualise your all dreams.

I pray God for you to start moving into your real magnificence & begin to live your own life full of passion, purpose & joy from today itself. Let your colours, magic & light continue to shine into your world.

Good Luck & Best Wishes ❤️

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