Don’t spend half of your life to discover that life is a DIY project.

Life is a DIY thing… A Do-It-Yourself project – throughout the life! I know few of you will say that you know it already. But not many believe it.

Each day we add, remove & nail down so many things. Our attitudes, daily habits, practices, rituals & the choices we make through out the day build our future & life we want to create for ourselves. Build wisely! Build with commitment, pride, joy & love – Obviously not in a narcissistic way – but in a compassionate way!

You don’t need to spend half of your life to discover this reality… That life is a DIY project.

Let you stop bothering too much about the outcomes in the beginning. Stop waiting for things to be perfect. Let me remind you once again that you don’t need the perfect setting, the perfect tools or the perfect moment of inspiration.

Ask any artist – they become maestro only by practicing, continuous riyaz & performing in real sense. There is no other way.

Stop putting less than your best into building your career, world & your future self. You need to become more proactive so you can consciously create a life as you would like it to be.

One more thing – forgive yourself for not knowing so many things today ( I mean at the beginning). Just begin to redirect your focus to do a bit more than yesterday & be a little better than yesterday. I guarantee – that’s enough to move upwards!

I Pray God to keep your life & world filled with peace, happiness, love & laughter. Let you be successful in whatever you do today & everyday.

Good Luck & Tons Of Best Wishes 💐

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