Keep your foot pressed on the accelerator to keep your car going.

Yes, I have firm belief in saying – What’s meant for you will show up at appropriate time.

But for sure this doesn’t mean that you sit down idle & do nothing. It doesn’t mean that you remain satisfied with your inherited accomplishments & not put forth effort to keep going & move further.

Yes, you must enjoy your blessedness & be grateful for it but you also need to make sure that you are putting the required efforts & spending your maximum time & energy to keep what you have got without rhyme or reason – your privileges, accomplishments, inheritance & everything else. That’s called the Law Of Maintenance.

I have written it many times earlier – Everything takes dedicated efforts & energy to attract, manifest & to even keep things going as it is. After all – You have to keep your foot pressed on the accelerator to keep your car going.

You can’t just sit on the highway & hope God will come to push your cart.

Please excuse me for saying that you can’t achieve success by just sleeping & dreaming. It can’t happen. I don’t know anybody who just got his dreams achieved without putting in efforts, without dedicating to cause or goal, without paying attention to things that matter & deliver.

The universe will not do things for you, not atleast customarily.

If you are not going to put any time & energy into something you want to manifest & if you are not going to put Whatever It Takes kind of action, then believe you me, you are setting yourself up for major disappointment in times to come.

I am asking you to put efforts, I am asking you to take inspired action… but I am not at all asking you to Struggle. Not anymore.

Okay, let me tell you the difference between making an effort & struggling – putting efforts is a positive emotion while struggling is negative.

Putting effort means – enjoying doing things & celebrating how everything is panning out now, feeling excited & intrigued to watch how things unfold & what happens next.

In other words – Effort is giving your best, trying your hardest & continuous correction of your course, as & when needed.

Struggle however is more of a head down, pushing through & just keeping to go without looking at your process or outcome.

Struggling mean – when you sound like a victim while trying something. When you are heard saying it to yourself or others – Oh my God! I have to work today, again. What a drag! When do I get a break? Or when you reaffirm – I know it is not going to yield me any gold.

Stop adding struggle to your efforts. Switch from struggling to applying powerful efforts, from today itself.

Keep becoming stronger in mind, body & spirit. Kerp elevating. Keep yourself nourished & charged to keep yourself going & growing.

Remember, you’re capable of achieving nearly anything if you put sincere efforts.

I pray God to help you in attracting great experiences, unlimited opportunities & good news today & everyday.

Continue to be blessed 💐💐

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