May your decisions reflect your hopes not your fears!

Today I want to tell you that – never ever make decisions based on your fears or atleast not when you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, unhappy or disconnected.

Believe you me – when you are feeling blue, miserable, scared, anxious or pissed, then you only make impulsive decisions, decisions in reactions – decisions to support what you want right then without thinking ahead & never thinking about the potential consequences. Always leading to serious consequences & grievous losses.

If fears, thoughtlessness, recklessness & your egos are your drivers to arrive at some conclusions or decision-making, believe you me – either it is going to stunts your growth, or worse – it sends you down a path not meant for you at all.

So then, what should you base your choices, decisions & conclusions on, if not fears or thoughtlessness?

Always make decisions based on what should happen, not what shouldn’t.

Your most of the choices & decisions should be based on:

  • Love for yourself, for others & for your life in general.
  • Strong feelings of what you want to happen & thinking that it will.
  • Possibilities & magic spread all around you.
  • Optimism – not that everything will turn out for the best, but believing that you have the unique ability to make it so.
  • Strategy – instead of being just reactive, be strategic about the decisions you make so they can take you where you want to go.
  • Focus on growth, progress & improvement.

I sincerely hope that whatever you begin to do or whatever you are doing become the source of happiness, fulfilment & abundance.

I cannot wait to see how your choices, decisions, thoughts & deeds help you shape your reality, your future & your world – world that we all want – bigger, beautiful & more magnificent.

I wish you & your family health, happiness, peace & sufficiency.

I am always praying for you 💕

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