Waiting for things to magically improve will not work. Not anymore!

Today, it is just another reminder – you are a masterpiece, a creation assembled with extreme care & wisdom. You are a radiant, magical being who is capable of creating anything you want.

But you are stuck & not moving forward.
Best part is that you don’t even know that you are stuck at this point of time. Predominantly because you are following the same stupid routine, doing the same dull, bootless & unrewarding things each day.

It is same as your expensive car is stuck into snow or mud or sand & you can not go backward, forward, or anywhere at all.

Once your car is stuck, spinning your wheels endlessly is of no use & can not get you out of this trap. To pull out your car, you had to take some kind of appropriate action, whether it is excavating yourself or calling a crane. Don’t you know this?

To get unstuck in life & to start living a more fulfilling life, you have to do the same thing. Either start pulling yourself out or take help of some mentors. But in all conditions, you need to believe in yourself & focus harder on your action to take yourself out.

Merely ruminating or keeping your fingers crossed or hoping for the best or sitting back & waiting for things to magically improve will not work. Not anymore!

Start considering things & situations from a realistic perspective. Start taking a step. Take a baby step or a leap or simply shuffle forward. Whatever it is, but start moving.

Just kick your butt into gear & start moving forward.

I must repeat before concluding my post that you were born to experience life to its fullest, filled with joy, sufficiency, abundance, health, vitality, excitement & love! You were not born to remain stuck & live a deficient or pathetic life.

I pray God to help you achieve everything you desire in life. Stay Blessed

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