Are you doing enough? Perhaps not even the bare minimum.

Please allow me to remind you that you deserve healing, mending, evolving, strengthening, growing, expansion & thriving, not avoiding, coping, repeating & merely surviving.

Good news is that you don’t need to request or ask anyone for what you deserve, want or what you’re worth of.

You just need to tell “what you want to accomplish before 2021 is over” to yourself i.e. to your subconscious mind. You need to repeat “what you want” over & over to your subconscious mind.

Because it is your subconscious mind that orders your consciousness to carry out the necessary efforts & actions required to achieve what you deserve & give your dreams the chance to come true.

But the main question is – Are you really willing to put yourself in action? Are you ready to put in in some extraordinary efforts needed to turn your dreams into reality? Or will continue to cheat yourself?

You know deep down that you are not doing enough. Perhaps not even the bare minimum.

Let me tell you that this is the time to give yourself permission to step into a whole new & meaningful existence.

In order to become incredibly successful & the best version of yourself, you also need to reinforce & regulate your life. You need to give up on the unhealthy lifestyle, habits & routines, give up your theories & bullshit excuses, you need to give up waiting for tomorrow to do things & give up believing in the overnight success.

I repeat, it’s your time to shine, to become who you deserve to be & to start living a dream life. Let you soon realise your true potential & take yourself to the next level.

Let God Bless you, your efforts & your outcomes! Good luck 💐💐

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