Get off the fence today!

Always remember – Successful & great achievers know that making small continual improvement every day will be compounded over time & give them what they actually wanted at the beginning.

They all choose to focus on what they can do today (maximum on the day that’s ahead of them) & try to improve 1% every day. Each day they stay positive & productive.

They generally don’t give their power to factors that they can not control, instead they retain every bit of their energy & direct all of it onto the options & things they can actually control.

Trying to focus & control what is not within your range or control will only drain your energy & leave you in torment.

What I am saying is simply this – focus on what you can do today, not what you can’t.

In other words – Stop being wasteful & start using your time wisely for creations & productivity. Stop focusing on things, spaces & ideas you have no power over.

No one can control things like weather, the laws, the economy & circumstances etc., but so many things are in your control even today, such as your own opinions, attitudes, aspirations, dreams, desires & goals. You alone can control how you spend your time, what things consume your time, how productive you are, what you eat, the number of hours you choose to sleep, who you choose to spend time with & what you can do immediately after reading this post…

When you focus on what is within your control, you’re in the driver’s seat.

I request you to take back some of your control. Look at what you can do today, not only what you can’t. You will surely find that your options are opening up & that suddenly there are more things you are capable of doing than you thought of. I guarantee!

Once more – By focusing only on what you can’t do, you are reducing yourself to that bit of your body & your brain that doesn’t work the way it should or the way you want it to. But darling, you are much more than this tiny part & a few things that you can’t do today.

What about that larger part of you which let you think, talk & allow to do so many things today that no one can do in your connect? What about your unique personality, your sense of style, sense of humour, your interests, your intelligence? What about all that you know today?

Here comes the recipe for achieving your dreams & a fulfilling life:

Detach from the things you cannot control today & focus on the ones you can. Remain authentic, start improving & providing value every day. Keep doing that day after day, you’ll accomplish what you set out to. I guarantee!

Please excuse me for repeating – Every action you take today is a reflection of the type of person you wish to become tomorrow. Just do & try a bit more than you were doing or trying yesterday. You will surely grow into more.

Ready to get off the fence?

You have to take action & you have to start now. Be OK with the level you’re at now & trust that as you take action today & continue, you’ll naturally develop & grow into the greatness that awaits for you.

I sincerely hope that this post help you, compel you or inspire you to become the greatest possible version of yourself. I pray God to bless you with lots of success, peace, love joy & happiness in days to come 💐

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