Bring awareness back to yourself to find most efficient path to your goals!

I am sure you will agree to the fact that if your mind is busy in generating noise & bullshit all the time, it will only create more stress, unwanted memories, only look-alikes of the way things should have been & imaginary projections of the future, instead of making you to do all that is necessary to accomplish real worthy things.

Your mind is everywhere but in the present.

Your mind is everywhere but in the present. I know this happens with everyone. But this chaotic state of mind, producing stress is not supposed to be a 24/7 thing.

This state of mind make things more complicated, make harder to focus, concentrate & do not allow you to be productive in real sense. It just exhaust you without doing anything resultful. It will keep you busy in things that are pointless & you will not achieve anything good.

But as enlightened people everywhere are learning these days, you too can learn to manage to ditch the disco ball, take back controls that you have given away & stop surrendering to every distraction. You can learn to do some mental clean-up in order to get back to your true priorities.

All I want you to do is – Start practicing to bring yourself back into the present moment. Bring awareness back to yourself. Take charge of your time & energy & learn what to focus on & what to let go. I want you to start figuring out what must be done to achieve your dreams.

If you really want to raise your level of happiness, well-being & outcomes, then you have to keep your mind calm, clean & focused on what is important/ meaningful & start doing what you really need to do.

I repeat – do less when it comes to the mindless activities & do more of mindful activities. Be a little bit better today than you were yesterday. Go above & beyond.

I pray God to help you find a break through & most efficient path to your goal & dreams, very soon.

Good luck & best wishes 💐

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