Make happiness a top goal & stop complaining that water is wet!

Today I want to ask: What is your YOUR ULTIMATE CONCERN or GOAL?

I am sure you know this – Your choice of Top Goal control your life, happiness, health, growth, ultimate success & almost everything.

If you think only achievements, accomplishments or some kind of success will bring happiness in your life as by-product then you are completely wrong.

Though you know this very well, but let me repeat this – How many people with more money, success, fame, accomplishment & everything than you & me ever will ever have – ended up miserably & even committed suicide?

Focusing on various means to happiness has actually caused so many to lose sight of the happiness & life. They forgot that happiness was the ultimate goal in life. Instead, people began to do “whatever it took” them to get the money, status, power & became successful. But that “whatever it took” thing undermined their happiness. So sorry for them.

That’s why I will say that focusing on these stupid goals & obtaining them will not lead to happiness (peace & fulfillment) automatically.

Please do not make that same mistake. Not atleast you. Always remind yourself that our top goal is Happiness – all other goals are only means to happiness.

I know that I have not accomplished great things as compared to those you see on TV. I also sometimes wish that I could do more. But today I am so proud of my level of happiness, peace of mind & fulfilment that I can not tell you in words. The kind of self actualization that I have achieved & the way I have contributed to a few others is something that makes me pat my back again & again.

Please choose happiness & self actualization for itself & never for the sake of something else.

Research proves the idea that making happiness as a top goal leads to being more happier, healthy, successful & having better relationships with the world. This self actualization goal will help having less depression, anxiety & resentment.

A few days back when I was compiling this article, I spoke to a couple of people – once they realised that what I am saying is right, they asked me immediately – how should they begin to chase happiness? My spontaneous answer was choosing to be happy is to choose to be happy! That’s it.

I, myself have made a commitment to make happiness for myself & others the top goal/ the top concious concern in my life for at least a few years.

Here are a few scientifically proven ways to be incredibly happy. Try One. Try Them All. They Work.. I guarantee!

  • Make happiness for self & others a top goal.
  • Take responsibility for your own happiness. Learn to choose both internal & external routes to happiness.
  • Learn how to find & solve deep causes of unhappiness. Explore yourself & root out false narratives, delusions, negative beliefs & replace all of them with those that incite happiness, peace & fulfilment.
  • Learn to actulize yourself in true sense.
  • Develop your greater self. Always remember that your Inner Self should be your Super Hero, Source & your Real Guide. Learn to understand it’s point-of-view on everything. Start respecting & awakening that sleeping higher self.
  • Develop greater self-worth & self-confidence. Learn to accept & love all parts of yourself & your world as it is.
  • Develop a realistic & positive world view.
  • Stop complaining that water is wet, atleast when you are in water.
  • Learn to hope for the best, be prepared for the worst, expect something in between & be grateful for all that you receive.
  • Replace most of the external controls with internal controls. Learn & practice overcoming your habit of depending too much on others. Learn to build & improve relationship with your world by being more Internally Controlled, Intimate & Assertive.
  • Accept the fact that you can accomplish your dreams only by controlling your time, energy, attention & your actions.

I know for sure that this is not a complete list. You may already be knowing so many more keys to happiness.

All I am asking you is to start using these or those you know already from this moment onwards. My only purpose of writing this was to reassert the importance of happiness as a primary goal. So that you can become happy, healthy & most successful asap.

Alway remember that making happiness your ultimate concern in life is also aligning yourself with Universe & allowing Universe to provide you more opportunities & experiences of HAPPINESS.

I wish you all the Happiness, Joy, Health & Success In Life. Blessings 💐

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