You can not look like a Prey & get ready to be Hunted!

Even if you have woke up tired & despite you are so fatigued, tensed or ruffled, let you put a smile on your face & compel yourself to actively radiate happiness, dynamism, positive energy, kindness, gratitude & compassion into your world, today & everyday.

Because I want you to begin radiating what you wish to see more of. I want you to represent the energy/ vibes/ emotions you want to attract.

But you should not show up in this way in the hopes that people will return the favors immediately, but because you decide that this is how you wish to show up in the world.

Because I want you to understand that when you look better & feel better, you attract better. Because it all starts with you.

Darling listen – when you look powerless, tired, imperfect, wide-eyed or fragile, people with parasitic interests will see you as their prey & believe me, You are not Prey.

I wish & pray that you begin attracting all that your heart desires & begin attracting great connections, opportunities, abundance, love, wisdom, happiness, clarity & peace that enriches your life & serves your soul.

Stay Blessed 💐

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