The signals pointing to what makes you feel alive are all around you.. Stop ignoring these soul whispers!

Tomorrow is going to be what tomorrow is going to be… Use today to do only those things that makes you come alive.

Darling I know it is not really easy to pursue what makes us feel alive. I know for sure many of us feel trapped by circumstances & situations. We think our only options are to muddle through & make the best of a bad thing. Feeling alive seems too wishful. Isn’t it?

Then, what you must do to feel more alive?

I wish I had a straight answer. As a matter of fact, I don’t. The suggestions, ideas, all answers, recommendations & tips are too vague & subjective.

Darling listen – It will take real guts to make the choices needed to feel alive. It will need courage to do what makes you come alive. On top of that – like everyone else, you too have to find your own meaning & path.

These are not tips but insights that I have collected over the years which I am sure will help you to make out what it takes to feel alive:

  • Instead of asking yourself what you must do, ask what should you be doing more of to feel alive.
  • Stop ignoring your soul whispers, inside signals. They all are telling you – where you should be placing your bets. Darling, the signals pointing to what makes you feel alive are all around you. Learn to listen whispers & don’t let these drowned out by all the other noise, distraction, mess & chaos in your life demanding time, energy & attention.
  • I am not saying that you have to follow each whisper, signal. No. I am obviously not asking you to do stupid things. Darling my advice is to take action when one if the whisper has becomes so loud that it’s more painful to ignore it than it is to pursue it. Then start taking right set of consistent actions. With this I am not saying to stop experimenting & stop exploring the possibilities associated with each signal or whisper. All I am saying is to understand which one is repeating itself before you take a big action.
  • Don’t rob yourself. I mean let go of all the shoulds, woulds & might have been.. they actually rob you of precious time exploring what really matters to you.
  • Think about the people who’ve inspired you the most. No matter who they are. Ask yourself – Are they doing something that makes them feel alive? The answer is – Yes, almost always! Darling, begin & keep exploring to better understand the circumstances in which you feel most alive. Your journey is one of the most important gifts you can give yourself & to your world.

Darling one more thing – it is what you do that will make you feel alive not what you think or plan. Some real & meaningful work will make you feel alive. This kind of work will not be easy & perhaps not even interesting in the beginning. But it will be meaningful in the long run. It has to make you feel that you are doing something that matters, that it will make a positive difference in your world & that it will bring you & a few others more life.

I wish & pray that you begin to attract better & greater from today. Let your today & every tomorrow be magical, filled with light & God’s abundant blessings 💐💐

Wake up & do something to feel alive…

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