Are you still forcing yourself to find good in everything & everyone?

Darling I will recommend you to start appreciating only genuine vibes, real goodness, factual positivity & healthy conversations that flow naturally instead of forcing yourself to see the good even in contradiction & inconsistencies.

Let you begin practicing to focus more on positive & real things, genuine & cheerful people because the dismissive, antipathetic & negative ones only restrict you from feeling happy, blissful, fulfilled & always steal your peace of mind.

I know, for years you have tried to save others & felt tricked. Perhaps, they were never worthy of your warmth, understanding, commitment & your favours. That’s okay, no regrets. You gave them all & not everyone has the capacity to do that. It takes an incredibly big heart to love those who make you out to be small.

Darling listen, now on let you begin focusing on your own well being more to save yourself from all the heartaches & to allow more calmness, love & joy to arise in your life.

I wish & pray that you grow with each day that passes by. Let your experiences lead you towards a better world, a more fulfilling life & help you to become a healthier, happier & a better version of yourself.

Blessings 💐

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