You have got so much potentials & power that would astonish you & your world, if you activated them & put into action.

Darling listen, if you ask me – Do you have potential? My answer will be – Yes, undoubtedly. I repeat – I believe in your potential just as much as I believe in mine.

Question is not about your potential. It is about your unfulfilled potential. It is about not finding ways to reach your full potential.

Let me tell you – to reach your full potential you must grow & to grow, you must become highly intentional about it. Simple!

I know that like you, mostly everyone want things to come to them quickly & easily, including success & growth.

But, the secret of growth (reaching your full potential) is not really wanting success more or wanting the growth faster.

You actually don’t need to grow fast, you need to grow patiently like a big tree – becoming capable of producing fruits for decades, standing up to floods, storms & all the possibile droughts.

Darling listen – your putting more time & attention into what you have & what you can do now will help you to grow. It is giving things your best shot – doing your best, whatever it may be. It is giving three times the effort & energy to growing yourself. It is focusing only on what needs to be done & focusing on the right things (you know what I mean 😂). This is how you will grow!

Darling listen – you can not grow or reach your full potential until you change something you do every day. Unless you begin to challenge yourself (not others 😂) enough. Begin to test your limits, push yourself further & out of your comfort zone every day in order to become the person you were created to be.

One more time – you have immense potential to achieve what you desire. You have got so much potentials & power that would astonish you & your world, if you activated them & put into action.

I wish & pray God to guide & help you to unlock the Immense Potential that you have inside you so that you can become ultra-healthy, extremely affluent, highly vibrant, exceptionally happy & fulfilled in every area of your life.

Blessings. Blessings. Tons of Blessings 💐

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