Be a Beautiful Soul!

I am sure you know that if you have a beautiful face, you have a silent acceptance & recommendation from almost everyone. But what perhaps you do not know is – People with beautiful souls are never forgotten, they are the real treasures of this planet & are mostly favoured by their Angels.

For a moment think, if God somehow agrees to reward you with one favor, what would you ask – possibly it will be redemption for yourself, heaven, long life, prosperity, wisdom, no worries, health, abundance of joy for yourself, make me more beautiful & powerful kind of wish, victories, more likes & followers for yourself etc. etc.

But If you are a beautiful soul, then perhaps you will ask – peace & joy for all, an ability to put others ahead of yourself, ability to perform as many good deeds as one can do in this world, benefits for everyone in your world & ask God to bestow whatever He thinks is best (because you seriously do not know what is best for you 😂).

A good soul may also ask for ability to know deep within what God wants & the strength to live it in the best possible way. It may choose to seek the avenue by which it can access the knowledge of the divine.

A beautiful soul may ask serenity & peace for all & an enhancement in human wisdom to the point where cruelty & war is no longer considered an appropriate solution to the conflicts.

Darling listen – I want you to be beautiful, but not only like those in the TV & magazines only. I also want you to be beautiful in the way you think, say & do. I want you to be known for your ability to make others smile, no matter what your situation is.

I mean – I don’t want you to be simply beautiful for something as temporary as your looks, but I want you to be always beautiful deep down to your soul.

Let me repeat – a beautiful soul means – to be positive, balanced, harmonious, gentle, never forceful, never immodest, never big-headed & never haughty. They mostly have so much positive vibe that people around them feel good & at peace whenever they are around. They help everyone around them to achieve their best.

I pray for you to be a beautiful soul with kind & loving heart, sparkle in your eyes, always
possessing inner peace, building others up & always enjoying to see them succeed.

Good Luck & Tons of Good Wishes 💐

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