Stop living disappointed & disheartend because it’s taking longer than you thought….

Today I wish to recommend you to stop living with an “it’s not going to happen” frame of mind & start living with a “right time” attitude.

God’s timing is not your timing. Trust Him while you are waiting. Trust Him while His plan is unfolding.

Darling listen – The right time will come. Believe you me, your time will come, if you continue to keep your promises, if you don’t become late in acting as a habit, if you keep your mind & heart filled with faith, if you keep praying & doing what needs to be done & keep becoming good at what you do with each passing day.

Let your confidence, self motivation, persistence, optimism & faith make you to accomplish things you otherwise might not have undertaken even.

I wish & pray that you begin to notice, understand & follow the divine guidance you receive.. Stay Blissful & Abundantly Blessed 💐

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