Amidst all the busyness, don’t miss the magic of the wishes you receive for your happy & blessed life!

Today I wish to ask you to find, recognise & treasure those people in your life who would clap the loudest when you win, who celebrate, support & cherish you – exert extra efforts all the time just to make you feel more important.

Darling listen – If you don’t have any such person (in family or friends), please begin to make a new circle & if you have, you are so blessed. You may not know it, but they are the real gems that you must appreciate, cherish & preserve at any cost.

You should be devoted to the ones who pull you when you are down & push you when you are up. You should always adore those who impel you constantly to keep loving, keep learning, keep believing, keep going & help you in doing what makes you feel good, no matter what.

You should always value those people who while making you feel at ease in your own skin – inspire, motivate & encourage you to do better & grow.

Amidst all the busyness & your daily affairs, please don’t lose & miss the magic of the wishes you receive for your long, happy, healthy, meaningful & blessed life.

I wish & pray for your world to always remain filled with warmth & good cheer!

Tons of Blessings 💐

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