Maintaining a balance between ‘being’ & ‘becoming’ is the key to good life!

Let me remind you that good life is when you have a balance between being & becoming. I mean – enjoy what’s happening now & living for today while taking pleasure in becoming the best version of yourself everyday.

Darling listen – Your contradicting desires, old thought patterns, not keeping your commitments, habit of finding excuses to take the easy way out & false self that you have created over time is preventing you from experiencing greater joy, success & good life.

If you really want a good life, then begin to embrace your present moments fully, plan for some meaningful activities everyday, do them consistently & keep making way for something new, meaningful & something more magnificent. Stay calm, composed, thankful & focus more on things that matter.

I wish you love, peace, happiness & more success in everything you do today & day after… Blessings 💐

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