How to receive your share of God’s blessings & favours!

You have to keep your thoughts, attitude, behaviour, expressions & efforts positive & good enough to obtain God’s favors, indulgence & blessings.

Darling listen – you have to keep your feelings, energy & vibrations high to receive your share of His blessings. There is no other way!

Also remember – when you start putting love in everything you do, when you begin to love yourself & others, your life begin to improve. When you begin to act with sincerity, dedication & begin to emit magical fibers of love, joy & positivity, you not only start feeling better & making everyone feel good, but also give birth to something you have never seen & countless blessings start to manifest in your life that takes you to a new level.

I wish this weekend bring peace & happiness in your mind, body, spirit & spirit. I also pray God to heal & remove everything that is causing stress, grief & sorrow in our troubled world.

Stay Happy, Healthy & Blessed 💐

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