There is nothing magical or mysterious about Law of Attraction, It’s simply applying the basic fundamentals consistently.

I am sure like so many, you too continuously attract same kind of events, same kind of people, same kind of problems, same kind of feelings, same kind of emotions… & best part is that you don’t like most of these things happening to you again & again.

Darling listen – to attract something different & better, you have to do something better & become better. You can’t continue do the same shitty things & expect some kind of great change or a sudden windfall. You will need to transform your mindset, upgrade your habits, start thinking positive, become more hopeful & consistent in your efforts.

I repeat – It all starts with you & how you feel about yourself. The moment you decide you want better for yourself is the moment the entire universe begins to shift in your favor. Your will, wishes, feelings, prayers & efforts begin the creation of the new reality.

Yes, you will begin to make incredible changes if you begin speaking something magnificent into existence, thinking greater thoughts, become extra positive, patient, loving to yourself & others.

Yes, I am talking about law of attraction & believe firmly that you really can bring amazing things & great evolution into your life through your thoughts, willpower, attraction & belief, but in my opinion there is something more to attracting through your heart & mind…. Your proactive steps toward whatever it is you desire. After all, you can’t expect anything great to happen while you sleep & dream.

Always remember – There is nothing magical or mysterious about law of attraction…. It’s simply applying the basic fundamentals consistently.

Good luck & Tons of Good Wishes 💐

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