Believe me your wisdom, intentions, efforts & prayers are at work. Have patience & keep smiling!

What I should do after I have done everything someone asked me this yesterday….

It’s a tough question, yet very interesting. I really had to think twice before writing something about this. Following is a piece of what I replied to this person..

Darling listen – the best thing you can do right now is to be patient with yourself while things are unfolding for you & keep smiling. The most powerful thing you can do right now is to keep telling yourself that – it’s happening, trusting it, believing it & allowing it to happen enduringly.

I also wish you to know that Universe & your Angels are actively working on those things for which you have really given your all, worked hard, hoped, dreamt & asked for. Believe me the combination of your wisdom, intentions, sincere efforts & prayer is at work.

Now, this is your time to start receiving & experiencing an unstoppable acceleration from here.

If at all you have this feeling that you have done everything you knew or could have done then start flowing. Flowing means putting a full stop on doing things compulsively & start doing things of interest, passion & love. Remember that flow is a higher state of mind when we lose track of time & become fully immersed in our things. This is also a state when we produce the best work of our lives.

Finally set higher & spritual goals to thrive in your life. Start pursuing them with enthusiasm & persistence.

I pray God to bless you abundantly & help you in recieving what you have been praying for. Stay Happy, Healthy & Successful 💐

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