A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles…

I hope when you sit down to jot down all the wonderful things – big & small that have happened to you this month, you’ll be surprised by the size of your list in the end!

As April comes to an end, I want you to tag,
phone or message someone who genuinely made your month better, made a positive impact in your life in some manner, made you feel that you are enough with your shortcomings, made you laugh, made you feel heard, seen or loved, dealt with your drama, immaturities & tantrums in some way, provided you some kind of support or encouraged you, prayed for your well being, persuaded you to see & treat the world differently & evoked a want in you to be a better person.

Darling listen – It will not just fill their heart with happiness & gladness, your heart will glow as well..

Always remember that being grateful or thankful will not only help you connect to something larger than yourself as an individual — whether to other people, nature or a higher power, but it will also improve your health & strengthen your relationship with your innerself.

Stay consistent in being more, wanting more & doing more in May & thereafter. I pray God to load all your coming months with new happiness, fulfilment, good health & outstanding success. Good wishes & Tons of blessings 💐

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