Reason many people are unsuccessful isn’t bcoz they don’t know WHAT to do to achieve it, It’s bcoz they can’t get themselves to do it.

Someone asked me what is SUCCESS. My friend, success is very much relative, individual & personal. But having said that we generally call it a success when the outcome of your efforts turns out well, is desirable & is favorable.

For many, success is being rich or winning awards. For some it is traveling the world, pursuing their passion, personal fulfillment or knowing their life is filled with abundance of love, health, friends, family… & respect from their peers.

Success may look different for you & different for someone else, but the reason most people are unsuccessful isn’t because they don’t know WHAT to do to achieve it. It’s because they can’t get themselves to do it.

Darling listen – you’ll probably never become successful if you don’t START DOING what must be done. The moment you take first step & begin, it won’t take long to achieve success in multip areas of your life.

I am not sure about others, but I certainly do not have one tip or hack which will magically help you to become successful overnight. However, the easiest way to become successful in life is – by looking at some of the habits of most successful people (around you or from the book Stephen Covey wrote many years back), you can learn some tactics & guaranteed strategies to implement in your own daily life. Cultivate & nurture these abilities over a period of time constantly & soon you will find that you have become better in achieving so much in life.

With all this, I also know that you will need a growth mindset, high emotional intelligence, you need to develop mental toughness, strengthen your willpower, focus on intrinsic motivations & nurture your traits linked to high potential in order to achieve real success. Be the best version of yourself by improving every single aspect of your life.

You will also need to dismantle your excuses in a way that makes it impossible to procrastinate & begin exercising, eating healthy, sticking to a sleep schedule, walking 10000 steps, praying & pursuing your purpose each day, no matter how difficult it is or how busy you are. Because all these are very much essential for your success, health & long life. Make them your daily routine.

Bonus tip – you need to keep smiling & remain happy while mastering the art of becoming a success.

Good luck & Tons of Good Wishes 💐

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