Are you hitting your head against the wall trying to solve a problem?

You must remember that heaven has assigned mountains to you to show your world that these can be moved. Trust the process & continue to push through…

Darling listen – your faith, commitment & consistency has power to move mountains. I know it sounds so simple, but it is only your unfaltering belief & never-ending commitment to act has made your comeback possible in past after the setbacks & will also help you attain the success you seek in present or future.

I am aware of the fact that life is constantly testing you for your level of commitments.. that’s why, I wish to remind you once again that life’s greatest rewards are reserved for those who demonstrate the ability to stick with things (even with things that are looking impossible right now) until they finally achieve.

Therefore I want you to gather yourself, fix your feelings, think about where your power lies & then act & respond from a place of clarity, calmness & strength, rather than acting or reacting in hopelessness, anger & frustration.

I pray God to guide your steps, light your ways & bless your every effort to succeed.

Stay Happy, Healthy & Successful 💐

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