May you be regarded & remembered as you want to be.

Throughout the life, most of us wants to live a happy life & wish to be regarded & remembered by society as an honorable person & a great soul, except for those who wish to be remembered & known for their wickedness, wrongdoings & foul plays.

Darling listen – it is all about your WILLINGNESS. Yes, your greatness, worthiness & how you will be remembered after you have gone, depends entirely on your willingness.

If you are willing to think good thoughts, say good words, do good deeds, keep commitments that you have made (to yourself & others), be the best of you & do everything that you can, you will not only live your best & most beautiful life, but you will also become worthy of being regarded & remembered as a great divine soul.

I wish & hope that you will always be regarded & remembered as a loving, compassionate & caring person.. who made people feel more worthy, inspired, loved, heard, seen, welcomed… & definitely not as a person who made people feel inadequate, guilty, embarrassed, duped or hurt.

I wish you happiness, good health & success in everything that you do today & everyday. Tons of Blessings 💐

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