We only hold significance for a little period of time…

If there’s one thing I have learned, it’s that – we only hold significance for a little period of time.. Therefore the higher goal in life is not to try & live forever, but to create something which will live on after us.

I know, we are not Albert Einstein type people who will have our name & accomplishments engraved forever in the history books. But that does not lessen our capacity, ability & need to create some meaning in our lives. Let our thoughts, words, deeds, experiences, ideas, values & personal example live forever in the minds & hearts of our people.

Therefore for me, creating legacy is all about your life & how you live it in the present moment. If the story about your past is not serving the idea of creating the real legacy, please begin to recreate a new storyline from this moment onwards. Who is stopping you?

Always remember – in this moment, there is plenty of time. In this moment, there is infinite possibility of creating anything you want & to step into a higher version of yourself.

Darling listen – this moment is real & is blessed by the divine. Use this moment to do something more meaningful, to do something that you can, to adore someone, to love, to appreciate, to say thank you, to activate kindness, to forgive, to say, I’m sorry, to correct your mistakes, to show up, to step up, to nourish/ nurture yourself & to be your best self.

I repeat – your thoughts, words & good deeds are something that will help you to live in the hearts of people even after when you’re not there.

I pray God to guide & help you in creating your legacy today & everyday. Good Luck & Best Wishes 💐

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