Every one of us need to show how much we care for each other & in the process, care for ourselves…

I wish you to know that everyone in your life is for a reason, a season or for a duration. Very, very few will make it till the end.

I want you to take care of everyone’s well-being, happiness, sorrow & joy as much as you can. Let them never feel in doubt about your love & respect for them. Keep wishing, blessing & praying for each of them, who are still walking the life’s path with you in any manner as your relatives, companions, comrades, playmates or offsiders.

But if they begin to add worries, nervousness or uneasiness to your life & become repeatedly dishonest, abusive, disrespectful or manipulative, wish them well & remove yourself. Let them go!

Remember we can never change another person, we can only change our response to their behavior. Let keeping distance be your new response. Instead of returning energy, focus your energy on your precious life & those who are deeply worthy & lovable human being, you like being with. Spend most of your your attention, time & energy only on those happy, warm & genuine people who make you feel good about yourself, motivate & inspire you consistently.

Darling listen – it also means that when someone is removing you from their close circle, they’re taking steps of self care bcoz perhaps you were causing them pain, suffering & triggering their anxiety (may be without being aware of it 🤭). Respect their decision & choice of taking good care of themselves.

Whatever is the scene, remember you are worthy of respect, love, sincerity, commitment & wholeheartedness. You shouldn’t lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever. You matter. Your life matters.

I pray God to help you in reaching a whole new level (mentally, physically, spiritually) & mastering the power of consciousness, energy & your responses to create the life you desire. Tons of Blessings 💐

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