You are not your mistakes or wrongdoings. You are who you commit to become today onwards…

I wish to remind you that there is greatness in every human being. God has given us a brave heart, a brilliant mind, a fierce & fearless spirit. While we are not all gifted the same way, we are individually gifted differently according to His plans & purposes for us.

For Him, we all are a masterpiece. We all are heavily & graciously gifted. But when we go through life, we all make mistakes, do several wrong things – things that have bad consequences due to several earthly reasons.

Darling listen – It was one thing to make a mistake by mistake, it is another thing to keep making it knowingly or intentionally. I don’t know about things that you do unknowingly or unintentionally, but you can very well stop yourself from doing something wrong that you are aware of.

I wish you to begin correcting your mistakes & start making things right that you have wronged. You still have all the time in the world to be what God wants you to be!

Always remember – you’re supposed to be a blessing, not a curse for your world. You were supposed to do great things, have a fabulous future & leave your mark.

That’s the reason I will remind you this again that you are not your past, not even who you were yesterday. You are not your mistakes or wrongdoings. You are who you decide to become today…. Who you commit to become today onwards.

Stay Being Great & Masterful. Let you always remain genuinely happy, healthy & live peacefully while doing what you love.

Tons of Good Wishes & Blessings 💐

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