Shift the universe in your favor…

Today I wish to remind you once again that the universe is constantly listening & delivering to you. You are receiving according to your thoughts (negative or positive), intentions & efforts.

Always think positive, speak what you want to manifest, channelize your efforts in the right direction & believe in it until it manifests for you. That’s the Universal Law.

Instead of simply plowing through the day & doing things just to serve your excessive greed, wrath, envy, gluttony, sloth & ego, remain positive & do the right things sincerely that you can do, faster, more precisely & more effectively with enthusiasm.

Darling listen – you can shift the universe in your favor simply by imagining yourself genuinely happy, living peacefully, thinking positively & by doing your things with a purpose rather than doing it for the sake of doing them.

I pray God to help you in believing yourself & all that you’re capable of being so that the miracles can unfold in your life.

Stay Happy, Healthier, Successful & Blessed 💐

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