Stop waiting for a shot in the arm daily & start doing things by your own will…

Though I choose to motivate, encourage & inspire you daily, I am of the opinion that you can’t go far in life if you everyday need to be reminded & encouraged to do something that you are not willing to do at your own 🤭.

Darling listen – if you really wish to become incredibly successful, healthy, happy or fulfilled & live a better life, stop waiting for a shot in the arm daily & start doing things by your own will. Nothing happen if you just sit, wait & talk about things & do not do anything 🤣.

I know, most people talk about the things they’re “doing” to hear the praises without actually having done these. You’ll never achieve anything in real on this supposition.

I wish to remind you that until you begin to do things from your own will as a habit or ritual & don’t stop until your desired results start talking for you, you can’t grow, develop & succeed as an individual.

I repeat, those who produce extraordinary results don’t have to pump themselves up daily to do what they need to do. They just keep showing up consistently, every day, for weeks, months, years… that’s the secret of their success.

It is your discipline, dedication & commitment that makes you naturally magnetic to all that you want to attract. It all starts within you & not outside. Sweetheart, return your focus & energy to your own path & keep moving forward.

While I pray to God to help you bloom, rise & shine, I wish you to stay blessed, connected, aware of the reality & More Of Yourself 💐…

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