All the successful people & celebrities know this & this is how they live everyday!

I wish you to know that it is you alone who can make yourself seen, heard, respected & loved… No one else!

Sweetheart, your worth never comes from another person. Your worth is right inside of you & therefore I want you to connect with your true self within. I want you to start treating your true self with more care.

What I am trying to tell you is this: The best way to “make others treat you the way you want to be treated” is to treat & conduct yourself very carefully. I want you to watch your manners, behaviours, words & doings very carefully, keep your promises & prioritise your own health, mental wellbeing & life purposes over everything else.

Sweetheart, you can’t behave like a jerk or scum all the time, snub others & talk in anger or negative language with people, manipulate them & want them to respect you, love you & admire you. How is it going to happen 🤔?

Darling listen – I want you to start dressing well, begin to smile more during every interaction & start showing your competence & capabilities in every engagement.

All the successful people & celebrities know this & this is how they live everyday. Let you also begin to bring out your own star qualities for all to admire. I mean identify what you are good at & start giving it breath, time, space & life, more than anything else…

Our level of self-care or self-respect acts almost like a blueprint to instruct others how to engage with us. When we treat ourselves with priority, accept & trust ourselves fully, stay true to our values, engage in behaviors consistent with our core beliefs & life principles – we feel more fulfilled & confident, in turn improve our sense of well-being & attract more of those who respect us, support us & treat us how we want to be treated.

Keep going! I am rooting for your success, your good health, happiness, healing & peace. Stay Incredibly Blessed 💐

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