Don’t add more or continue with things that keep you from being your best. Re-evaluate everything!

Let me reassure you that you can rejuvenate & heal yourself on all levels simply by beginning to look at things, situations, places & people from a newer perspective & by committing to let go of the thoughts, behaviors & feelings that keep you from being your best.

Darling listen – if you truly want to become super joyful, healthier, successful & the greater version of yourself, look over your life & see what needs to be released, eliminated & subtracted; this could be your old beliefs, narratives, some daily rituals, old matters or anything/ anyone that is holding you back.

I know for sure that you, like anyone else, wish to continue with your old routines, habits & beliefs, I request you to add, embrace or continue with only those things that resonate with your soul purpose from today onwards.

Sweetheart, it is not too much about visible & tangible things that I am telling you to release, I am talking about a few less obvious things that you should let go, such as your triggers, conflicting feelings, destructive emotions, hatred or unwarranted resentment or it maybe your prejudicial way of thinking, speaking & doing things that are actually detrimental to your health, happiness & future.

Hopefully this post will motivate you to re – evaluate everything in life once again & help you to gain a myriad of benefits such as happiness, more optimism, better health & promising future.

Good luck & Tons of Good wishes 💐

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