Are you creating heaven or hell everyday with your actions & words?

Today, I am asking you to make an effort to be kind, respectful & graceful through your reactions, actions & words. Try creating a heaven to live & not hell for yourself & others.

Sweetheart, while doing the things that are to be done as a part of your daily routine, I am asking you to work on something to solve or to bring them to completion or to a required state.

I am asking you to do a couple of things that make you a better person inside & out. I am asking you to refine your thoughts, words, actions & reactions.

Darling listen – I am not asking you to plan & do some impossible & scary things like climbing Everest, no, not at all. All I am asking you to do is one or two extra things that help you to create healthy connections & relationships, overcome life’s hurdles with resilience & help you to grow as a person.

I am asking you to take your promises seriously & always try to do more than you promised.

I am asking you to say a few encouraging words that brightens someone’s day, nod with a smile in a conversation & do something that will give a glimpse of your divine flames & all the potential you have.

I am asking you to get rid of one or two things that are standing in the way of your success, happiness, good health & your greatness. I am asking you to stop thinking negatively, because ill feelings, conflicts, resentment & unpleasantness will add zero value to your life.

Sweetheart, please see what else will benefit you & your loved ones most right now & make you a better person. I am asking you to simply focus on those 🙏.

I pray to God to inspire you to practice all these & more everyday & help you to make your life better & this world a better place. Stay Blessed 💐

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