Life is not complicated. You are making it.

I don’t know how you will act or react if I tell you that you are probably sabotaging yourself deliberately. Yup, you read that last sentence correctly. Odds are that you are getting in the way of the things you want to accomplish in life & the reason is probably simple.

Darling listen – in my opinion instead of doing what you have to or can do, instead of growing & creating a life of goodwill, healing & success, you are just doing or adding things that are making you feel good momentarily & giving a stroke to your false egos. They are not serving your higher good. They are not adding or providing you any real value in life.

In fact, things that you do or bring home, out of anger, hatred, frustration or self loathing, only adds false value or false satisfaction which in turn make your life difficult & more complicated.

Take a deep dive into the pool of your life. Just check how you are adding or creating more complexity in your daily life? Don’t allow your stupidity & complexity to raise its ugly head & prevent you from creating a life full of love, abundance, freedom, happiness & real success.

Sweetheart, complexity isn’t better, simplicity is better. Happiness, love, well-being, peace of mind, your good health, sanity or your success is not that difficult or complicated. Life is not complicated. You either know it or you don’t.

I repeat – the moment you stop doing & adding the wrong things in your life & start doing the right things, your life will become simple, good & what you want it to be. You can keep your life simple & enjoy it more by doing things that you know in your heart are right.

Let you focus your time, attention & energy on productively addressing your behaviors, mickey mouse bullshits, your false perceptions & triggers that are substantially impairing your ability to perform the jobs, duties, work or tasks you normally can do, should do, what you are being asked to do & what you are expected to do.

I hope this post will open your mind & heart to new habits, rituals & actions that will make your life simple, beautiful & meaningful. Will it be too much if I ask you to let me know if you are ready to choose simplicity, growth & new possibilities over your habit of making things complex & living a life of excuses.

Sweetheart, don’t let anyone or anything limit you. Use this awareness to make it a turning point for you & a catalyst to new beginnings! Tons of Good wishes & Blessings 💐

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