Begin to view your life as an inspirational tale, not a horror movie!

Today, I wish to remind you that you are so blessed from above & those blessings grow stronger, everyday in every way.

But you have to work honestly & dedicatedly with your angels as a team if you want to live in the constant flow of their blessings. God, Angels or this Universe will not throw things you want on your lap 🤭.

Darling listen – stop taking things for granted! Also stop feeling tired, burnt out, overwhelmed or frustrated unnecessarily & understand that you are exactly where you wanted to be.

Sweetheart, a few months or years before, you were working so hard to be where you are right now. Now if you are not satisfied with where you are in life or if there is something that you want more or want to level up in any area of your life, then my suggestion is don’t play the victim card & don’t blame this & that, it will not get you what you want. On the contrary, it will prove to be too detrimental to your health, happiness & future prospects.

Dear, I want you to begin to view your life as an inspirational tale, not a horror movie. Instead of playing the role of the victim, I want you to start seeing yourself as a fighter & overcomer. While I know that people can’t control all the circumstances & situations through these affirmations, positivity, hard work, faith & their prayers, they believe that through all these they have an influence on the outcome of their story… & as a result, they really do. Try it!

Let you begin to own where you are, choose what you want the next to look like & start taking little steps to get there. Darling, it is not the time to be impatient, now is the time to walk steady. You have come a long way. All that is needed is for you now to trust & keep walking forward strongly. Believe me, with every new day, a new brick is being laid. Believe me, you are on the right track. You are facing the right way. Stop overthinking it. It’s happening & you are closer to your higher goals than you think. You are moving at the perfect divine speed.

Praise everyone (instead of criticizing). Every day, stay positive, do your best to succeed & have faith in your God. I believe this is the antidote to most of your confusions, uncertainties & fears. Focus on what you get to do rather than what you have to do & soon you will free yourself from the concerns that are troubling you right now.

Sweetheart, go beyond the superficial personality & connect with the true essence of everyone & everything around you including yourself. I wish you to know that at the core of your being there exists a very strong spine & pure golden essence which gives you an infinite capacity to create & draw everything you want into your life.

Believe in yourself & stay strong, positive, empowered & calm through it all. So many great things are in the works for you. It’s all aligning! I repeat, greater blessings are on your way…. 💐💐

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