Be such a beautiful soul that people crave your vibes…

I wish you to be a beautiful Soul that people crave your vibes. I want you to be someone who people want to run up to & hug, each time when they see you.

To me, a beautiful soul means three things in general. First – beauty & goodness in your appearance, manners, behaviour, bearing, expressions, speech & presence in overall. Second – being attuned to beauty, I mean always in appreciation & propagation of beauty & goodness. Third is having achieved some kind of balance & harmony in life.

Sweetheart, please understand that your nose, eyes, lips may be beautiful, but they all need to ‘fit together’ if the face as a whole is to be a beautiful one. Same goes
with a beautiful soul. If you miss patience, cohesion, form, grace, integrity, honesty & wildly react to situations & things, then you cannot be called a beautiful soul even if you do all the things that are written in books to be a religious or good person.

Darling listen – I also treat myself & all others as a beautiful soul who are rooting for you selflessly, encourage you to do better, inspire you to release your fat & relentless ego & breath love into yourself every single day. Today once again, I want you to be the type of energy that no matter where you go, or where you are, you add value to the spaces & lives of those around you..

Stay being Good, Beautiful, Loving, Smart, Talented, Funny, Godly & more than anyone could ask for! Run your Race harmoniously, pleasingly & graciously 💐

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