Seeming to do is not doing..

I am sure you will agree that everyone is so busy these days. However, I & few others are exceptional. We are free most of the time 🤣.

There are two types of busyness – first, who are genuinely busy doing something that’s so important to them. If you are genuinely pursuing what you wish to accomplish, then you willl be happy, energetic & enthusiastic. You & everyone around will feel it.

Second type is fake busyness which is basically being busy doing nothing. These dumb people feel sick, burnt out & tired most of the time.

Darling listen – Seeming to do is not doing..

Sweetheart, ask yourself today, why are you so busy & more importantly what are you busy doing 🤣?

Being busy does not always mean doing something in the real sense. The object of doing something in real means – production or accomplishment. Doing Something means – doing something meaningful In each moment.

I repeat – pursuing & doing something meaningful means doing things that will make a positive difference in your life or in your world.

Sweetheart, believe me, mostly you are
burnt out, drained & tired not because you have done too much, but because you have done too little of what makes you come alive 🤭. Getting home after a long day of work & asking “what did I even do?” is the main reason for your bad feelings (most of them 🤣).

There’s nothing worse than Fake Busyness. Because it robs us of our core purpose. Instead of making progress on meaningful work, we end up running around with little to show at the end of the day.

Sweetheart, from today onwards, give yourself a badge of being busy only if you are efficiently effective…

I wish & hope that your life will be loaded up with bliss & that you become effective & efficient in whatever you do ✌️.

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