Don’t take anyone for granted!!

Today, I wish you to know that you are so wrapped up in your daily hustle & bustle that you take most of the great stuff for granted, especially those godly people who matter the most.

Today I am talking about all those people you rely upon, who support you, who you have a bond with, who would give their lives for you, who love you unconditionally. I am talking about those who have been ignoring & forgiving you for all your nonsense. I am talking about those people who have you in their future plans, when they think forward into their own futures. Believe me, it’s an amazing privilege & honor to have even one such person in your world. You are so blessed to have many such people.

I am sure you know most of them very well & you also know that you take them for granted. If you don’t learn to value what these people do for you everyday, you might end up losing them, sooner or later.

Darling listen – every day someone does something for you that you take for granted. We all do it probably. It’s time to stop taking your people for granted.

Sweetheart, begin recognising & appreciating these good people in your life. Please acknowledge the support & resource they are for you. Salute their value addition in your daily life, whenever you can.

Show these people that you love them & that they mean more to you than some gains or losses. Show them you care. Go one extra mile to help these people.  Anyway, whatever you do, don’t take your people who respect & love you for granted.

Let me remind you that whatever you make, do, create or build is a vehicle to create meaningful connections with others. Please check if you are intentional about making genuine & lasting connections with people? What are Because in the end, it’s your people that matter most. Believe me!

This weekend, I want you to practice remembering & spelling out your gratitude for them.

Tons of Good Wishes & Blessings 🍻

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